Methyl 12 Hydroxy Stearate (Liquid & Flakes)

Methyl 12 Hydroxy Stearate (Liquid & Flakes)


Methyl 12 HSA or Methyl 12 Hydroxy Stearate is formed by direct esterification of the 12 HSA with Methanol. It is usually sold in Flakes & liquid form and is widely used in the continuous grease process. It has a lower melting point than 12 HSA and is, therefore, easier to handle in the liquid form. Greases made with Methyl 12 HSA can be formulated to higher drop points and they exhibit both less bleeding and improved oxidative stability. The development of these products was most beneficial in the grease processing area due to avoidance of milling and homogenizing, less shearing and overall uniform consistency. As a source of 12-hydroxy Stearate acid for use in the manufacture of Glycerin-free lithium greases. Internal lubricant and processing aid for butyl rubber. Ideal for the long storage in liquid form.Methyl 12-hydroxy Stearate is a white, soft solid wax supplied in flake or lump form or in liquid bulk containers. It has a characteristic faint odor. It has excellent pigment wetting characteristics and is compatible with most natural waxes. It is resistant to oxidation, oil and water.

Parameters Specification Test Method
CAS No141-23-1
Appearance Off-White Flakes Visual
Acid Value mg KOH/g 8 max AOCS Cd 3d-63
Saponification Value mg KOH/g 175 - 180 AOCS Cd 3-25
Iodine Value gl2/100g 4 max AOCS Tg 1a-64
Gardner Colour1+G Max. AOCS Td1a-64
Hydroxyl Value160 min AOCS Cd 13-60
Melting Point, 0C 49 - 51 AOCS Cc 1-25
Water wt% Max0,5IS548
Titer, 0C 67 - 75 AOCS Cc 12-59
Color, Lovibond 1'5.0Y / 2.0R AOCS Cc 13e-92
Moisture, ppm 0.25 max Karl Fisher
Specific Gravity @ 25/250C 1.02 Typical AOCS Cc 10a-25
Titre Deg C 67-75 AOCS Cc 13e-92
  • Bags (25 kg) HDPE/PAPER Bags
  • Big bags (400 - 1.000 kg) (Jumbo)
  • Drums (200 kg/220 kg) Epoxy Coated MS/HM-HDPE drums
  • Bulk (ISO-containers)

In Acrylic Coatings

In manufacture of Greases. Greases made with Methyl 12 HSA can be formulated to. higher drop points and they exhibit both less bleeding as well as improved oxidative stability.

As a stabilizer in Vinyl Chloride Polymerization to increase heat resistance, process ability and transparency of Polymer and give a non-toxic Polymer usable in food packaging.

Greases: It is a high hydroxyl castor based wax, which can be used in glycerin free multi-purpose lithium greases and premium grease formulations which are stable for wide temperature ranges. The greases made with it exhibit excellent resistance to water, oils and fats, solvents, crude petroleum and their derivatives. Improves Stability and Consistency in a Wide Range of Temperatures and Extends the Life of the Lubricants

Rubbers: It functions as an internal lubricant at a level of 2-5 PHR of halogenated or non-halogenated BUTYL rubbers. At more than 5-10 PHR it exudes to the surface to form an invisible coating which markedly improves the moulding characteristics of the rubber.It reduces the coefficient of friction of the Butyl rubber by over 58%.

Investment Casting: The investment casting technique is used to produce finished metal parts when difficult to machine metals and alloys must be used or when intricate shapes or difficult contours cannot be milled or machined economically. It is important for investment casting since it leaves no ash residue, nor does it contain any low temperature volatiles. The hardness, sharp melting point, low melting viscosity and crystalline nature of it offer much as a wax ingredient. It is typically used as a wax modifier or in high performance greases. This product can also be used in adhesives, candles, coatings, cosmetics, soaps, hydraulic fluids, inks, lacquers, lubricants, metal working fluids, personal care items, plastics & plasticizers, polishes, and textiles.

  • Solid pigment dispersant for color concentrates used in plastics, inks and coatings
  • Mold lubricant and release agent in plastic extrusion, molding and calendaring
  • Plasticizer - coupling agent for hot melt adhesives and textile printing compounds
  • Processing aid for rubber, plastics and polymers
  • Used in high temperature greases
  • Lubricating and Processing aid for Butyl rubber.
  • Wax firming agent in cosmetic and specially inks.