12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid-Flakes/Powder

12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid-Flakes/Powder


12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid is a creamy colored wax like odorless substance derived from hydrogenation & hydrolysis of Castor Oil & it usually constitutes 83 to 90% of Fatty Acids in Castor Oil. It Presents two reactive functional groups( Carboxyl and hydroxyl on Carbon-12), which allows the production of a large number of chemical derivatives for various applications12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid is the mixed fatty acid obtained by hydrolysis of Hydrogenated Castor Oil with a melt point of approximately 770C

12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid is a saturated C18-Fatty Acid that is a pale Ivory coloured, brittle, hard wax like odourless. It is suitable for its carboxyl and hydroxyl functional groups in various chemical derivatization processes.

It is high melting, brittle, waxy solid at ambient temperatures. It should be stored away from heat to avoid deterioration. It is insoluble in water and it's solubility in many organic warm organic solvents is also limited. Its warmed solution of nonpolar solvent forms mild gel when cooled down. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous material.

S.No.SpecificationTest MethodParameters (12 HSA-Flakes)Parameters (12 HSA-Powder)
 CAS No. 106-14-9106-14-9
1. Apperance Visual Off White flakes Off White to Creamish White powder
2. Colour Gardner AOCS Td 1a-64(97) 3 to 5 Gardner 3 to 5 Gardner
Colour Apha  750 Max-
Colour Lovibond 51/4" Cell 20 Yellow Max, 4 Red Max-
3. Acid Value % (mgKoH/gm) Aocs 5a-40(97) 175 - 185 175 - 185
4. Iodine Value gI2/100g Aocs Cd 1-25(97) 3 to 4 3 .5 Max
5. Hydroxyl Value (mgKoH/g) Aocs cd 13-60 157 Min 155 Min
6. Saponification Value Aocs Cd 3-25 180 -190 180-190
7. Melting Point 0 C Aocs Cc 1-25 72 to 780 Celsius 72 to 780 Celsius
8. Unsaponifiable Matter Aocs TK 1a.64 1.0 Max 1.0 Max
9. Nickel PPM AAS or ICP 3 - 5 PPM 3 - 5 PPM
10 Moisture % Aocs Ca 2c-25 1 Max 0.5 Max
11. 12 Keto Stearic Acid G.C. 4 Max 4 Max
12. 12 HSA % G.C., Aocs cd 1.62 83 - 87 83 - 87
13. Particle Size -  72% Passing through 16 Mesh
    95% Passing through 35 Mesh
  • Different grades( Bleached/Un-bleached) of 12 H.S.A are available on request.
  • Packing in bags of 25 Kgs /50kgs HDPE Lined Laminated /Paper Bags /
  • 500 Kg Jumbo Bags /1000 Jumbo Bags
  • HDPE Laminated bags/ Multiwall paper bags with LDPE liner of 25 Kgs /plastic bag lined woven bag
  • Plastic re-enforced paper bags
  • In Super sacks of 1100 Lbs /2000 Lbs

Customer Specific packs/sizes are available on request to suit specific bulk requirements.

Its most common applications are found in:

  • Major component in Lithium and Calcium based multipurpose heavy duty greases
  • A lithium salt of 12-Hydroxy stearic acid is most suitable as a density enhancer of higher multipurpose grease. Lubricating Greases manufactured with 12 HSA exhibit excellent water resistance properties and long life stability in the operating environment
  • Used in additives for natural waxes, makeup cosmetics, manufacture of various esters, Toilet goods, Polishes, Inks, Adhesives, Plasticizer, Activator and Processing aid for butyl rubber.
  • Wax firming agent in cosmetics, paints and specialty inks.
  • Source of Hydroxy Stearic acid for glycerin free multipurpose lithium greases.
  • It is specially made suitable for various amides, widely used in Cosmetics, Wax blends, polishes, inks and hot melt adhesives.
  • Activator and internal lubricants for natural and synthetic rubbers.
  • Source for several important industrial Oleo-chemicals
  • In the manufacture of acrylic polymers
  • As an internal lubricant for moulding of plastics
  • Aqueous & non aqueous coatings for automotive, equipment, appliances and architectural applications
  • As a shrink resistant treatment for wool
  • Used as primary oil-in-water emulsifiers. The product finds applications in anhydrous, pigmented lip gels, antiperspirants, cosmetic pencils, hair styling waxes, creams, and lotions.
  • As coating liners for the interior of metal food and beverage containers.
  • Aviator and internal lubricant for natural and synthetic rubbers.
  • As a theology modifier for Inks
  • In the manufacture of specialty chemicals such as esters, ethoxylates, sulfates etc. for plasticizers, textile, cosmetics and metal working operations
  • It is used in coatings of both solvent and water based system and plasticizer.
  • When reacted with an ester, 12HSA provides a hard finish for the automotive and small appliance industries.
  • It is used for gelling liquid petrolatum to produce brilliance or it may be incorporated into color creams and vanishing creams to give a jelly-like feeling & a facility for easy liquefying on the skin.
  • It is used as a thickener for silicon grease, as a rubber activator/accelerator and in the manufacture of certain personal care products, among other applications. Used as a sustainable alternative to other emollients and thickeners
  • When 12 H.S.A is reacted with acrylic esters to produce hard, durable thermosetting polymers used in the high quality automotive, industrial appliance and metal decorative finishes
  • 12 HSA is also used in the manufacture of thixotropic agents for solvent based coating systems, solvent or water borne polyesters for paints, wax blends & hot melt adhesives.