Hydrogenated Castor Oil (White Flakes/White Powder)

Hydrogenated Castor Oil (White Flakes/White Powder)


Hydrogenated castor oil (HCO) is a white colored, odorless wax and hard, brittle wax solid with melting point about 850C.It is tasteless and odorless that is insoluble in water and solubility in many organic solvents is also very limited. When hydrogen is added to Castor Oil in the presence of a nickel catalyst, the resultant oil, called Hydrogenated Castor Oil, is transformed into a hard, brittle wax with a melt point of approximately 85-860 C. This wax is extremely insoluble and is therefore well suited for products needing resistance to water, oils, petroleum and petroleum derivatives. Ricinoleic Acid a monosaturated 18-carbon fatty acid, the essential constituent in castor oil on hydrogenation becomes fully saturated and forms a wax like product with high melting of 850C.

It is non-toxic, non-hazardous material . Hydrogenated castor oil is respectively stable against heat, and can improve resistance against solvent and grease, hardness and melting point by blending with the other waxes. It is the triglyceride mainly of 12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid and is insoluble in water. This is available as Fully-Hydrogenated Flakes and Powders, Partially Hydrogenated, and in Liquid Form as well. The product can be available with several different melting points, or in beaded or powdered form. Partially Hydrogenated castor oil is used in cosmetic formulations such as lipsticks and stick deodorants. Hydrogenated Castor Oil is a saturated fatty acid insoluble in water and most organic solvents at room temperature. Due to its high melting point it is used in resin and polymer mixtures.

It is compatible with ethyl cellulose, cellulose acetate butyrate, natural and synthetic rubber, polyethylene, polyvinyl butyrate, polymethacrylate, rosins, shellacs, botanical wax, and montan wax, and so forth.

Sr.No.ParametersTest MethodSpecification
(HCO -Powder)
 CAS No. 8001-78-38001-78-3
1. Apperance VisualWhite to creamish FlakesWhite waxy powder
2. Colour GardnerAOCS Td 1a-64(97)1 to 2 Gardner1 to 2 Gardner
Colour Apha  750 Max 
Colour Lovibond 51/4" CellAocs Cc 13e-9220 Yellow Max, 2 Red Max 
3. Acid Value % (mgKoH/g)Aocs Cd 5a-40(97)3 Max 2 Max
4. Iodine Value gI2 /100gAocs cd 1-25 (97)3 to 42.5 Max
5. Hydroxyl Value (mgKoH/g)Aocs cd 13.60(97)155 Min 155 Min
6. Saponification Value(mg KOH/g)Aocs cd 3-25(97)174 -186174 -186
7. Melting Point 0 CAcos cd 1.2584 to 880 Celsius84 to 880 Celsius
8. Unsaponifiable Matter(%)Aocs Ca.6a-401.0 Max1.0 Max
9. Nickel (ppm)AOCS
Ca 15 - 75
3 - 5 PPM3 - 5 PPM
10. 12 Keto Stearic AcidG.C. 4 Max4 Max
11. 12 HSA %G.C., Aocs cd 1.6283 - 8783 - 87
12. Turbidity ClearClear
13. Flash Point 0F 4250 F Min4250 F Min
14. Metal Catalyst 20 PPM Max20 PPM Max
15 Particle Size 98% passing through 16 Mesh
16 Moisture & VolatilesAOCS
Ca 2c - 25
0.5 % Max 

17% 12-Hydroxy Stearic AcidIUPAC - 2:30186% Min 

18% 12-Keto Stearic AcidIUPAC - 2:3011.5% Max 

19Heavy MetalsAOCS
Ca 6b-53
1 ppm Max 

  • Different grades of HCO are available on request.
  • Packing in bags of 25 Kgs /50kgs HDPE Lined Laminated /Paper Bags /
  • 500 Kg Jumbo Bags /1000 Jumbo Bags
  • HDPE Laminated bags/ Multiwall paper bags with LDPE liner of 25 Kgs /plastic bag lined woven bag
  • Plastic re-enforced paper bags
  • In Super sacks of 1100 Lbs /2000 Lbs
  • Customer Specific packs/sizes are available on request to suit specific bulk requirements.
  • we may also produce this product as per client's specific requirements.

In the manufacture of multipurpose Lithium/Calcium grease and high performance aviation grease. Lithium and calcium hydroxy stearates dispersed in base oil to make multipurpose greases having higher. Dropping points, better rust proofing, lubricity and durability than stearates.

In other Lubricants: as metal drawing lubes,PVC lubricans for PVC pipes, profiles, sheets, pharma tableting, Metal powders, ceramics

  • In the manufacture of soaps & toiletries
  • In Cosmetics : HCO of different melting points used in lipsticks, deodorant and antiperspirant sticks, cosmetic creams.
  • As a mould release agent in the processing of plastics and rubbers.
  • As a component of specialty wax blends used for lipsticks, anti-deodorant sticks, etc.
  • In the manufacture of hot-melt coatings and sealants requiring resistance to water.
  • As a coating agent for paper.Also used in Shoe polishing, furniture polishing creams.
  • In paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants and numerous industrial compositions.
  • Thick film chlorinated rubber, epoxy and vinyl coating.
  • As a flame retardant and anti-static agent for fiber.
  • In the manufacture of spin finish oil for polyamide fiber.
  • Processing aid for colour concentrates.
  • Surface treatment agents.
  • In the manufacture of hot melt adhesives used in packaging, book binding, footwear, carpet backing, and in product assembly.
  • In anti-tack and slip additives in Inks, paints & plastics(PE)
  • Used as dispersing agent in plastic colour master batches, carbon papers, inks.
  • In the manufacture of specialty chemicals for applications such as metal working, plasticizers and textile auxiliaries, in the form of derivatives such as esters, ethoxylates, sulfates, etc.
  • It is also used for metal drawing lubricants and sealant, processing aid for rubber and plastics, as dielectrics compounds..
  • It is mainly used for coatings and greases where resistance to moisture, oils and other petrochemical products is required. Also used in pharmaceutical and manufacture of greases and lubricants.
  • Making of Various products like adhesives, rubber, urethanes, sealants, caulks, pigments, dyes, coatings, hydraulic and brake fluid, lubricants, liquid dielectrics, inks, waxes and polishes, soaps, textiles
  • Wax Formulations like pencils, crayons and polishes
  • Packing, sealants, castings and coatings.
  • Source of 12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil is used in high performance coolants and lubricants, electrical capacitors, carbon paper, lubrication, oatings and greases
  • Flow control and dispersing additive in powder coatings, hot melt adhesives and sealants.
  • As a coating agent for paper & as anti foaming agent,
  • In the manufacture of Automotive refinish Acrylics,
  • Rheological agent that provides thixotropy in paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants and numerous industrial composition. Thick film chlorinated rubber, epoxy and vinyl coating,
  • Flame Retardant and anti static agent for fibre,
  • Manufacture of Spin finish oil for polyamide fibber,
  • In preparation of ointments, emulsified virus vaccines, sustained release capsules, wetting/bodying agent, face paint As plasticizer for cellulosics,
  • Processing aid for colour concentrates, Surface treatment agents.
  • This product can replace the production of ash daily cosmetics, shoe polish, etc., but also for the production of pharmaceutical ointments, paints increase shrinkage agent, is the only important raw material for the production of 12-hydroxystearic acid further preparation of advanced grease.
  • This product can be used as replacement of canauba and candelilla waxes.It also provides reduced hardness compared to Candelilla wax.