Refined Castor Oil (First Special Grade)

Refined Castor Oil (First Special Grade)


B.S.S. Castor Oil/F.S.G. Castor Oil is Castor Oil bleached to British Standard Specifications. It is a yellow viscous liquid free from suspended matter and insoluble in water. First Special Grade Castor Oil is produced by refining commercial grade Castor Oil by undergoing bleaching and filtering process. Bleaching is done using bleaching earth and activated carbon, which helps to reduce color and Moisture content. First Special Grade (B.S.S) Castor Oil is a triglyceride ester of fatty acids, a major constituent being 12-Hydroxy Oleic Acid ( min 82% ). It is suitable for its hydroxyl functional groups in various chemical derivatization processes used in the manufacture of medicinal intermediates & lubricants etc.

Sr.No. ParametersTest MethodSpecification
AppearancePale Yellow, Viscous, Clear Liquid
CAS No.8001-79-4
1.Free Fatty Acid (mgKoH/g) (as Oleic)Aocs 13e.921.0% Max
2.Acid Value % (mgKoH/g)Aocs CaSa - 402.0% Max
3.Moisture & Volatiles %Aocs Ca 2e - 250.25 % Max
Moisture (K.F.) (ppm)200 -500
4.Colour on Lovilond
1" Cell (Y+5R)2.2 Yellow, 0.3 Red Max
5 1/4 " Cell (Y+5R)Aocs Cc 13E - 9220 Yellow, 2.0 Red Max
Colour Gardner3 Max
Iodine Colour4 Max
5.Iodine Value (By wiss,gI2 /100g)Aocs cd 1.2582 - 90
6.Saponification Value (mgKoH/g)Aocs cd 3.25177 - 185
7.Unsaponifiable Matter1.0 % Max
8.Hydroxyl Value mgKoH/gAocs cd 13-60160 Min.
9.Relative Density 15/15.5 DCAocs 10C - 950.955 - 0.968
10.Specific gravity 300CAocs Cc-10G-250.954 - 0.960
11.Viscosity at 200C Pas-9.5 - 11.0
Viscosity at 250C Pas6.0 - 9.0
Viscosity GardnerU - V
12.Refractive Index at 400CAocs cc 7.251.477 - 1.481
13.Peroxide ValueAocs cd 8.535 Max
14.Optical Rotation+3.50 to +6.00
15.Solubility in Ethyl AlcoholComplete soluble in Alcohol without turbidity
16.Ricinoleic Acid ContentGC85% Min
17.Insoluble ImpuritiesAocs Ca 3a - 360.02% Max
18.Acetyl ValueNot less than 143

We may produce this product as per client's specific requirements

  • Packing in 200 Kg HDPE Barrels
  • Steel Drums of 200 / 225kgs MS drums
  • Flexi Bags
  • ISO Tanks of 20 Mts
  • IBC Tins
  • Bulk in lots of 500 Mts minimum

BSS/FSG Castor oil finds application in a wide variety of uses and is the starting material for most other derivatives of castor oil.

Refined Castor Oil First Special Grade (FSG) finds application in a wide variety of uses and is the starting material for most other derivatives of castor oil.

As an ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications

In combinations with styrene and diisocynates for a film forming Varnish or a substantially insoluble infusible polymer.

Used for manufacture of thixotropic agents for solvent based coating systems, solvent or water borne polyesters for paints, wax blends & hot melt adhesives. It is also used as a processing aid in Leather Industry, Textile Industry & also in cosmetics.

  • As lubricant component of coatings for vitamin and mineral Tablets.
  • As an ingredient for petroleum oil-field de-emulsification
  • As capacitor impregnate
  • As a sonar transducer fluid
  • As a dielectric material for electrical condensers
  • In manufacture of polyurethane casting resins
  • In hydraulic fluids for automobiles, trucks and machinery
  • It will be used in various lubricants, Sulfation, Specialty Soaps, Food additives, Chemical Industry, Inks & Dyes, Urethanes, Biodiesel, Electrical Applications