First Pressed Degummed Castor Oil (FPD)

First Pressed Degummed Castor Oil (FPD)


FIRST PRESSED DEGUMMED GRADE CASTOR OIL is an early product of Castor Seed produced by degumming, which involves removal of plant polymeric substances so as to improve oil's texture and colour. First Pressed Degummed Castor Oil has the unique lubricating properties of Castor without the excessive buildup and carbon.

Sr.No.ParametersTest MethodSpecification


Pale Yellow Viscous clear liquid
1.Free Fatty Acid (mgKoH/g) (As Ricinoleic)Aocs 13e.920.75 % Max
2.Acid Value % (mgKoH/g)Aocs Ca 5a - 40(97)1.5 % Max
3.Moisture & Volatiles %Aocs Ca 2e - 25(97)0.50 % Max
4.Colour on Lovilond
1" Cell (Y+5R)15.0 Yellow, 1.0 Red Max Should pass in Bleachability test
51/4 " Cell (Y+5R)Aocs Cc 13E - 92
5.Iodine Value (By Wiss, gI2/100g )Aocs cd 1-25(97)82 - 90
6.Saponification Value (mgKoH/gm)Aocs cd 3.25177 - 185
7.Unsaponifiable Matter1.0 % Max
8.Hydroxyl Value mgKoH/gmAocs cd 13-60(97)160 Min.
9.Relative Density at 15/15.50C0.958-0.969

10.Specific gravity 150CAocs Cc-10G-250.952 - 0.965
11Acetyl Value

140 Min
12.Refractive Index at 200CAocs cc 7.251.477 - 1.481
  • Steel Drums of 225 Kgs /200 Kgs
  • HDPE Drums of 220 Kg
  • Flexi Tank of 21.5 -22 Mts
  • ISO Tank Containers of 20 Mts Capacity
  • IBC drums
  • Bulk in lots of 500 Mts minmum.

We may produce this product as per client's specific requirements.