Castor Oil Pharmaceutical ? USP Grade

Castor Oil Pharmaceutical ? USP Grade


We are supplying a superior quality?Castor Oil USP. This oil is suitable to use in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry sectors. This pure and fresh oil is rich in vitamins, mineral and is also used for several health beneficial treatments. And also, itl is free from suspended matter and use in the preparation of various dishes. The offered?Castor Oil USP?is extracted under the most hygienic environment using basic ingredients.

?? Parameters?Specifications
AppearanceBrilliantly clear & free from Suspended matter.
CAS No.8001-79-4
M.I.V.0.25% max.
F.F.A. (As Oleic)0.75% max.
Acid Value1.50 max.
R.I @ 40 deg C1.470 -1.481
Relative density @ 30 deg C0.954 -0.960 gm/ml
Saponification Value177 - 187
Unsaponifiable matter0.50 % Max.
Hydroxyl Value160 - 168
Iodine Value82- 90
Peroxide Value4.00 Max.
Viscosity 25 deg C Strokes7.3
Specific Gravity@25 deg C0.957 ? 0.961
Colour in 5.25 cell20 Y 2 R Max.
Solubility@ 25 deg CSoluble in alcohols,esters,ethers, ketones and aromatic hydrocarbons. Insoluble in water
Optical Rotation+3.0 ,+ 6.0
Ricinoleic Acid84-92
Absorption ( 268 - 270nm)Max. 1.75 ( 1% Solution W/V in 96% ehanol)

Pharmaceutical grade castor oil is produced from the first pressing of castor seed in which the oil does not lose any medicinal qualities. Castor Oil USP Grade refers to the castor oil prepared in conformity with the USP norms. It is the grade used by the pharmaceutical industry in the USA. It is a clear, brilliant Colourless or slight yellow, viscous, from rancid odour. USP grade refers to the castor oil prepared for United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) norms.

  • Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Base Oil conforms to Pharmacopoeia
  • Stabilized with USP approved antioxidant
  • Excellent emollient and lubricant
  • Resistant to oxidation and also odorless and tasteless.