Blown Castor Oil

Blown Castor Oil



Castor oil can be oxidized. Oxidized oils are also known as blown oils and consist of triglyceride molecules joined together with oxygen linkages to form oxidized polymers. They are manufactured under thermally controlled conditions in the presence of air to give products with increased viscosities, specific gravities and reactivity’s Blown castor oil (also known as: castor stand oil, oxidized castor oil, polymerized castor oil) is a golden yellow to honey colored viscous liquid. Blown Castor oil is a derivative that has a higher viscosity and specific gravity compared to natural castor oil. These non-drying castor polymers, commonly known as blown oils have increasing viscosities resulting from oxidative and crosslink polymerization at the double bonds and hydroxyl groups.

Oxidative polymerization of castor oil yields products with increased viscosities and decreasing solubility in aliphatic solvents, increasing compatibility with various resins and improved ability to wet and disperse pigments while imparting solvent and abrasion resistance to lacquer systems. The polymerized oils are used to plasticize a variety of resins in adhesive and sealant systems, inks and hot melts. The heavier viscosity polymerized oils are processing aids and plasticizers for rubber polymers, imparting oil and solvent resistance.

CAS No68187-84-8
Acid value mg KOH/gm3 - 25
Iodine value (Wijs) g I2/100g60 - 82
Hydroxyl value mg KOH/gm130 - 165
Saponification value mg KOH/g190 - 245
Appearance VisualPale golden yellow color, Viscous, Clear Liquid
Specific Gravity (16°C)0,96 - 1,0

Other viscosities can be supplied subject to minimum order quantities of 4mt

  • Different grades of BCO are available on request.
  • The higher the viscosity, the higher the specific gravity, the acid value and the saponification value and the lower the iodine value and the hydroxyl value.

Blown Castor Oil is available in the following standard viscosity grades (all measured at 25°C)

  • 9-10 poise
  • 30 poise
  • 45-55 poise
  • 60 -80 poise
  • 90 poise
  • 500-600 poise

Blown castor oil is supplied in

  • Drums (250 kg)
  • IBC(1.000kg)
  • Bulk (ISO containers)

Adhesives (hot-melt and solution): plasticizer and coupling solvent for resins and modifiers.

Inks: resin and binder plasticizer, medium for dispersion of pigments and dyes. In heat-set inks, the blown castor oil acts as a water-fighter and improves the dot-resolution of the ink.

Lubrication: industrial lubricants and penetrants. Plug valve lubricant base (oil and solvent resistant).

Polish: wood and metal, for performance and high gloss.

Caulks and Sealants: flexibility, penetration, adhesion.

Leather dressing: flexibility, permanence.

Hydraulic fluids: lubricity additive, safe on rubbers and plastics.

Rubber compounding: "nerve" reduction, milling aid. Reacted with sulphur to produce factice(vulcanized oil), an elastomeric processing aid. It can also be used for the production of special hydraulic oil and polyurethane products, especially oxidized castor oil in the near-gel state, and can be used as a kneading agent for natural rubber compounds or polymer flooring materials.